Friday, June 19, 2009

Ubuntu - "Humanity to others"

Ubuntu is an ancient African word that mean "Humanity to others".Ubuntu is a free linux distribution that bring the spirit of Ubuntu meaning to the software world.

I got Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition it's amazing WOW it has fascinating GUI and it's better than Fedora 10.i am personally tried and tired on Fedora 9 and Fedora 10 version it needs 3.4 GB (3662573568 bytes) disk space that is probably a 5 CDs and equal to 1 DVD space.

Fedora 9 & 10 still not supporting VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family VGA adapter.during installation process Anaconda detect VGA chip-set but X-windows system will not be able to support VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family chip-set.if you have Motherboard with VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family chip-set just giveup Fedora 9 or 10 installation unless you will be ended with Balck screen that is nothing will be appreared.but Ubuntu compatible with VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family chip-set.

Ubuntu 9.04 has on the fly media mounting facility (your existing windows partition can read by single can share files between Windows and Ubuntu) it's brilliant and quick.i personally tried it on my vmWare 6.5 virtual machine and on my personal computer.

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition supporting various sound format and vedio format if you get dry with lack of media format/codec to run various sound and vedio format you can just simply and freely download any kind of media format through Ubuntu community.Ubuntu 9.04 is supporting you 18 month updates subscriptions.

you don't have to waste your time for searching codec or something just want to click on unsupported file and Ubuntu will search on net if it's unsupported and definitely will get you back a supported codec or plugging for your needs.

flv,mpeg,mpg,mov,mp3 any format will freely supported under the Ubuntu 9.04.

all above things is pros in Ubuntu but the cons is you need better Internet connection to download extra's 1000 worth to Sri lankan students and even developers or normal housewife to get rid of Windows fever.

Another useful thing is these all in one Ubuntu 9.04 i386 has totaling 698.3 MB single need to burn any more DVDs or pack of CDs for Linux distribution.

Flush-out the Windows from Sri lankan society and promote the open source software is better to all Sri lankan.

Microsoft allowed to promote Windows about 10 years in Sri lanka among the sri lankan society.still Windows in every IT blood cells in Sri lanka.we need to change this.
now Microsoft established in Sri lanka as Microsoft Srilanka.

Microsoft pushed Sri lankan government to put forward Software Piracy and Privacy legal anyone can't get a copy of Microsoft product for 100 rupees from unity plaza(famous pirated copy distribution center in colombo).

but any normal Sri lankan student or person can't get a original copy of Microsoft Windows and Office packages since price is too high it's vary from $99.95 to $319.95 without shipping and handling's about approximately 11394.30 Rs to 36474.30 Rs in Sri lankan rupees.

Sri lankan rural society still can't hold Microsoft's price volume for their Products.that's why we need to change the Microsoft paradigm to Open source Linux paradigm.

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